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Why Should You Go For Flat Roofing In Nottingham?

While strolling through, mostly conventional and classical pitched roofs are observed across the lanes and avenues of Nottingham. Although there are various styles of pitched roofs, but still doesn’t it get dreary going through the same old monotonous view every day?

Well, flat roofing in Nottingham is somewhat a trend in the making and definitely an entertaining option, as recommended by several roofers in Hucknall.

Different Variety of Roofs and their Features

Roofs are mainly categorised into two types: Pitched roofs and Flat roofs. Pitched roofs are constructed at an angle, whereas flat roofs have a slight inclination but appear flat from a distance due to little slope.

Pitched roofs have numerous styles, such as hip, gable, dormer, mansard, conical and butterfly, but they all have one feature in common, i.e. their steep roof. It helps in channelling accumulated water away from the roof of the house, thus saving it from deteriorating prematurely. This feature is precisely what made pitched roofs popular within the areas with high rainfall throughout the year, among which Nottingham also falls in.

However, flat roofs have been popular for centuries in Middle Eastern countries due to their temperate climate. But this is a misconception, as flat roofs can stabilise themselves during different weather conditions as they have a large surface area which allows water to evaporate by natural phenomena. Its slight slope also diverts the water towards the gutter.    

Moreover, flat roofs can be used as balconies, gardens, verandas, playgrounds and even tennis courts and swimming pools. This not only brings out the aesthetic charm but will indubitably be a source of recreation and joy for you. On the other hand, in pitched roofs, the attic can barely be used for any presentable gatherings and get limited to becoming a storage room. In contrast, flat roofs are quite spacious, and a whole multi-storied building can be easily constructed on it.

Flat Roofing in Nottingham

The climate of Nottingham extends from mild summers to harsh winters, with rainfall throughout the year and snowfall during winters. Since the depression in flat roofing is relatively low, the rapid rain or melting of snowfall might create stagnant water until the water is expelled through the gutters. This weight of water might deteriorate the decking under the roof, whereas if proper installation and repairing is not done, some of the water might even seep into the ceiling below.

Furthermore, the freezing and expansion of that leaked water could also lead to blowouts. Although this type o0066 weather is unfavourable for flat roofing, it is easily surmounted with advancements in technology and craftsmanship of roofers in Hucknall.

Construction and Maintenance

As mentioned above, the advancement in technology has proved that having deep roofs overlaid with the membrane (sheet of any material to waterproof the area), a layer of roofing felt (usually made of asphalt, bitumen, tar and gravel), and an additional layer of single large factory-made sheets (known as single plies) such as Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), EPDM synthetic rubber, Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO), can work successfully even in areas with weather similar to Nottingham.

Sometimes, another thermal insulation layer is added above the membrane to protect it from mechanical damage, making it the Protected Membrane Roof (PMR), such as green roofs. They would further act as a heat buffer for the home, keeping sudden cold spells out and also play the role of water buffer to cease flash flooding.

Metals are also a durable option for a layer to be added on flat roofing as there is a guarantee of lasting even for 50 years with proper maintenance. But it is more expensive than the single plies, which have a warranty of 30 years, especially EPDM. Another preference in the UK has been trending around with the name of cold-applied liquid membranes, which work on the principle of resin and don’t require any heat sources. However, this would require a strong roof decking to support the surplus weight, such as a composite steel deck where two dissimilar materials are bound together strongly to act as a single unit.

Keeping the expenses in mind, the cost of construction and installation is lower for flat roofs than for pitched roofs, but the maintenance cost is higher for flat roofs, considering the weather in Nottingham. Maintaining flat roofing in Nottingham is painstakingly challenging and should be done by professionals only. Other general flat roofing maintenance techniques that could be self-followed are the application of digital sprinklers, garden hose, wet and vacuum and check valve.

Hire Expert Roofers in Hucknall

Text Box: META Description: This article shares the point of view to opt for Flat roofing in Nottingham, despite the unfavourable weather conditions, but with the aid of advancement in technology and skills of professional roofers in Hucknall. All these options would prove to be quite costly but will last longer if done with proper technique and processes. You can get in touch with professional roofers in Hucknall, MC Roofing Experts, to get the installation and repairing of flat roofing in Nottingham done at affordable prices.

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