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Why is Dettol Always Found in First-Aid Kits?

A first aid kit is essential equipment at home, in the office, in the car and everywhere. It can help address minor injuries and provide initial medical assistance and care in major medical emergencies. An antiseptic is the prime essential product of a first aid kit. Dettol has been part of first aid kits for its gentle antiseptic wound cleansing, disinfection, and antiseptic skin cleansing properties. The following are the uses and benefits of Dettol that make it a first aid essential.

  • For the wounds

First aid kits involve all the essential materials for minor injuries and emergencies. First aid includes many items like Band-Aids, bandages, pills, ointments and an antiseptic liquid, like Dettol. Dettol comes in handy for cleaning the wound in case of minor injuries or scratches. It mainly works to stop bacterial growth on the wound and remove the infection-causing viruses in the dirt. If bacterial growth increases, the wound can result in a major infection.

  • For travelling purposes

Dettol should be a permanent element in the first aid box because any medical emergency can occur while travelling. It is the first thing applied to the wound to clean it and proceed with the other medications required. The Dettol liquid price fits everyone’s budget, and the compact packaging makes it easy to carry the antiseptic liquid. 

  • As a sanitiser

Sanitising your hands is very important, especially during the ongoing pandemic. It would be best to sanitise your hands to keep the germs off. Dettol also manufactures hand sanitisers to help you be bacteria and virus-free. Not only can you use Dettol liquid for sanitising hands, but also for sanitising bags and mini-items like keys and chains. Using Dettol on your household items will lessen the risk of getting ill by the actions of bacteria and viruses, which will get inside your body when you touch or come in contact with these dirty objects.

  • As a disinfecting liquid

Dettol is useful for disinfecting your household items and floors. Adding Dettol liquid to the water used for cleaning purposes will disinfect the items and floors. Cleaning with Dettol will keep your surroundings bacteria-free and provide a healthy and safe environment. You can also use Dettol for bathing and washing purposes.

  • For personal hygiene

Taking a bath with a few drops of Dettol in the water will leave you with the great freshness and aroma of the antiseptic liquid. It will also kill the germs present on your skin due to sweat and dirt. You can not only bathe with Dettol water but also wash your dirty clothes with it. Washing your garments with Dettol added to the water will eliminate bacteria and viruses. Wash your hands with the Dettol hand wash before and after eating your food. Also, when you return home, you must wash your hands properly.


The Dettol liquid price makes it an affordable and accessible solution for all medical emergencies. With these many uses of one antiseptic liquid, Dettol becomes a must-have element of your first aid kit. Whether you have to clean your injuries and wounds, sanitise your hands or small items, bathe, wash your clothes or disinfect your home, Dettol will help you with all these things.

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