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Rejuvamed Skin Clinic Press Release for CO2 Laser Treatment

RejuvaMed has been the best skin clinic in Lancashire for the past seven years. It offers world-class skin care treatments and medical cosmetics in Chorley and Clitheroe. Starting in 2015, it got the UK’s prestigious Aesthetics Award the next year, 2016, in the “Best New Clinic UK and Ireland. RejuvaMed Health and Wellness offer its clients the latest skin and other treatments using the most advanced technologies. 

In this digitalized social media-driven world, everyone wants to look young and beautiful and wants to know the best ways to do it at affordable costs. Also, many are more aware of being healthy and fit to take on the many challenges in their personal and professional life. And hence many people in the UK wanting to be healthy and look pleasant want to know the best skin clinic. And RejuvaMed Skin Clinic is the right choice for such people offering many facial and body treatments. Also, they offer the best cosmetic surgery for upper blepharoplasty and the best cure for leg veins like varicose, thread veins and others. 

RejuvaMed has high qualified and experienced doctors; trained aestheticians with advanced learning in skin anatomy to advise clients on many skin treatments, including the CO2 laser treatment. A thorough consultation with Dr. Grand McKeating, the chief consultant doctor, will help the clients to choose the best skin treatment to be youthful and beautiful. While the consultation can help clients to select proven and tested treatments, the follow-up and service can help them to treat many skin, leg veins, and other issues. The CQC registered skin clinic in Chorley offers skincare and injectable treatments. It includes body sculpting, cosmetics, skin care, sweat reduction, etc. 

RejuvaMed Skin Clinic’s best CO2 laser treatments

RejuvaMed offers the best CO2 laser treatment for vaginal tightening and skin resurfacing treatments. Vaginal rejuvenation has become one of the world’s most popular cosmetic procedures in the world now. Over seven million women in the UK have continence issues because of hormone changes, childbirth and weight fluctuations. Hence the need for the best CO2 laser vagina treatment is rising. 

RejuvaMed skin clinics offers 3D Vjuve treatment that does not require surgery or incisions as it is a minimally invasive surgical procedure. It treats vaginal atrophy, improves laxity and mucosa of the vaginal walls, treats mild to moderate stress continence and rejuvenates external genitalia. Compared to traditional vaginal treatments, it targets only the affected area to leave the healthy tissues for better and fast healing and recovery with minimal side effects. Also, it offers more patient comfort and more successful and predictable results. 

RejuvaMed Skin Clinic offers the best CO2 skin resurfacing treatments to improve clients’ appearance. It is by reducing their wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, scarring, etc., to improve the overall skin tone and texture. The CO2 laser treatment stimulates natural elastin and collagen production to give noticeable and visible changes in the client’s skin to look youthful and gorgeous.

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