How to Make a Good First Impression Before a Job Interview?

In this article, you’ll learn some practical tips on making a great first impression before a job interview.
Are you scheduled to go for a job interview and you’re wondering how to make a great first impression? You’re on the right page.
In this article, you’re going to learn awesome ways to make a great first impression at any job interview.
Often, when it comes to job interviews, candidates dedicate more time and focus on the tough questions asked during the interview.
It’s understandable because the questions form the biggest part of the job interview. But do you know the interview starts from the moment you enter the interview room?
Yes, whether you use a cover letter writer for hire or you write it yourself to make yourself stand out, how you present yourself before the interview matters.
In other words, your first impression can increase or decrease your chances of winning the interview.
Check out these practical tips to learn how to present yourself during the interview.

Find Out More About the Company and Interviewers

To make an awesome first impression, you need to know more about the company and the people who are going to interview you. This will help know exactly how to present yourself confidently. The good news is that you can research the company and interviewers through the company’s website, social media accounts, etc.

Practice Answering Common Interview Questions

No matter the kind of job you apply for, there are questions you must prepare: “Can you tell us about yourself?” “Why do you think you think you’re the best fit for this job?”

Nailing these questions can determine the direction the interview will take. So, you should prepare appropriate answers to these questions. There are many areas to get answers to these questions online.

Read Over the Job Description Several Times

Read over the job description several times to understand the specific skills and abilities the hiring company wants in a candidate. Use your past and current work experience to alight the specific skills required with the requirements in the job description.

Arrive at the Interview Venue on Time

Arriving at the interview venue on time is beneficial in many ways. It helps you familiarize yourself with the venue which can bring down your adrenaline.
It also tells the interviewer that you are a reliable candidate and attentive to details.
Avoid showing up too early though, as that can show you don’t have anything to do. A good rule of thumb is to arrive at the venue about 10 to 15 minutes before the interview starts. To avoid showing up too early or too late, you can visit the interview location a day before or find out the location and the appropriate time for showing up.

Mind How/What You Dress

Your appearance can determine how the interviewer will first perceive you. You don’t have to show up dressed to kill.
Just ensure you look professional. A neatly pressed suit and scuff-less shoes can do better.

Avoid too tight, loose, baggy, or revealing clothes. Keep your jewelry away as well and don’t apply any perfume.
To determine the right attire to wear, you can research the dress code for the particular job you will be interviewing for.

Mind How You Treat the Receptionist

Your interview starts from the time you enter the company compound. In some cases, some bosses sit at the receptionist to see candidates’ reactions when they enter the office.
For that reason, you might ignore the receptionist only to find that he or she is the employer.
Besides, some companies ask their receptionist to report how each candidate came in and what they did. The last mistake you want to make is to ignore or not hid what the receptionist tells you.

Be Nice to Everyone

Every person you meet on the company premises could be the employer. And even if they aren’t, they are more likely to talk about your behavior to the employer.
For that reason, be kind to everyone from the compound cleaner to the receptionist, parking lot attendants, the company staff, and other people.

Ask What to Do Next

At the end of the interview, it’s good to ask about the next steps. This will show the interviewer how serious you are about the job you’re applying for and can make them consider taking you to the next interview step.
Ask the interviewer, hiring manager, or recruiter what you should expect.

Keep Your Mobile Phone Away

For selfie lovers, the last thing you want to do is to start taking selfies at the gate or inside the company compound. Carrying a phone isn’t bad, but it’s good to focus all your attention on the interview. Your phone will keep you from perusing your resume for the last time or even keep you from thinking about the answers to the interview questions.
Besides, a ringing phone in the middle of the interview can be distractive and can make the interviewer see you as being rude or not attentive to details. If you have to carry your phone, switch it off or put it on silent until you walk out of the interview.

Final Thoughts

Winning an interview involves a lot of things from crafting a nice cover letter to the way you answer the most common interview questions. Your first impression before the interview can also determine the direction the interview will take.
Hopefully, these tips will help you.

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