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The upper lift is the surgical process of lip lift that includes the reduction of a small strip of the under-nose skin. It shortens the top lip and nose area to expose the vermillion. The color of the lips makes them appear larger and younger.

This surgery will improve the overall quantity of pink tissue exposed, make your lip fuller, and give you a more prominent appearance.

In addition, when your lips are loosened, it reveals more of your upper central tooth. This treatment or surgery is the best alternative for those people who want to add height to their lips rather than volume.

Who are the excellent candidates for this surgery?

This surgery is suitable for those people who want to reduce enough space between the lips and nose. As age goes on, this space increases typically, making your lips thinner. It can also be done for the young people who think they don’t have enough good looks or have the least thin lips. Then, they can also undergo this surgery.

Types of the lip lifts:

There are some types of these lip lifts you can get but ensure that you already have enough details about them, and you also discuss this with your surgeon. 

  • Direct Lip Lift: 

It is also known as the gullwing lip lift that generates the defined border around the lips. It removes the thin strip on the upper lip, and then the skin gets pulled upward, creating the illusion of the pink part of the lips. 

  • Subnasal bullhorn:

One of the most prevalent lip lift treatments is the subnasal bullhorn. A surgeon will create an incision along the base of the nose, where it will be less noticeable. The incision is commonly shaped like a bullhorn, with the lip’s center, right, and left sides pulled up into the nose.

  • Italian lip lift:

Aside from that, an Italian lip lift is highly similar to a bullhorn in that it requires two incisions below each nose. However, it usually does not leave a visible scar.

The procedure of the lip lift surgery:

A surgeon does this surgery. Before the surgery, make sure that you don’t eat or drink before the 6 hours. 

  • Because smoking can influence anesthesia, your surgeon advises you to stop smoking in the weeks leading up to and after surgery.
  • For 48 hours before the procedure, don’t drink anything that could interfere with the anesthetic.
  • Avoid aspirin and any blood-thinning drugs for at least two weeks before the procedure.

The lip lift treatment is performed in a surgeon’s office, and because the discomfort isn’t significant, the patient will most likely be given a local anesthetic rather than general anesthesia.

A little piece of skin will be taken between the nose and the mouth. The exact location will depend on the timing of your lip lift. Sutures will be used for up to a week after the procedure.

What are the benefits of lip lift?

  • A lip lift is a permanent or long-time solution to have fuller lips. You can have it without any ongoing treatments and injectable fillers.
  • It is one of the most accessible plastic surgery processes done through local anesthesia. 
  • This process helps lift the lip; it gets done without adding bulk fillers. So, you will lip get done without any materials. 
  • It can make your mouth appear more proportional to the rest of your face, improve the curve of your lips, and expose more of your upper teeth, giving you a younger appearance.
  • Once it gets done, you don’t need to get any additional treatments. 

These are the different benefits of lip lift surgery done by surgeon

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