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7 Key Tips to Improve Your AUM Reporting

AUM stands for Assets Under Management, which refers to the total amount of security or money a financial institute manages on behalf of its clients. For instance, a mutual fund sums up a client’s all holdings, including cash, bonds, and stocks, and reports it as its AUM. Financial firms, including banks, report AUM each quarter due to its frequently fluctuating nature. Here are a few key tips to improve AUM reporting.

  1. Keeping Data Relevant

Having a reporting system and marketing it is not enough to stay ever-present for the clients. Financial advisors must fully immerse themselves in digital technology to improve their reporting. While using digital assets is an excellent place to start, the advisor also needs to post current data on their social medial channels and website. Those running a blog must frequently post relevant and current information. 

Staying abreast with tax law changes and the latest financial news offers insights to site visitors. The more frequently they post and update their digital content, the more easily their visitors and search engines can find them. Checking them sooner helps them see what’s working and what’s not so they can make crucial decisions in time.

  1. Following Every Lead

Following every lead is an absolute necessity to improve AUM reporting. The financial advisor may receive leads from different places, including social media, referrals, gated content, or website. While many of the leads might be irrelevant and not investment-ready, it’s crucial to plant seeds with them for the future. Use follow-up emails and content to convert leads and increase AUM. 

  1. Responding to Current Topics

What topics do the clients think about at present? What latest news has their attention? What information do they want to collect? The first step in creating an effective AUM report is to ensure that it contains relevant data currently in place. Making the correct data available at the right time helps increase engagement and satisfies clients. Ensure the report comprises deep analysis and digestible visuals of the current news and headlines.

  1. Using Gated Content

Not using gated content is a crucial factor that leads to missed opportunities to grow AUM. For gated content, take some custom content like a case study or infographic, and gate it behind the contact form. It works as a call-to-action that generates leads for the reporting team. It helps gather visitors’ names and contact details, the information collected based on the services they are interested in. However, remember, asking for too many contact details and unnecessary information may reduce the leads. 

The best way is to review the page clicks and compare them with the number of leads that actually arrived. In case of large discrepancies, check the reporting system and ensure it does not gather excessive personal data upfront.

  1. Leveraging Social Media

One mistake many financial advisors make while trying to improve their AUM reporting is underestimating the significance of social media. Social media is no longer restricted to sharing pet videos and family vacation photographs. It can also be a valuable tool to improve AUM and its reporting system. For financial advisors, social media can be the best opportunity to grow their business and nurture contacts. With the right mix of organic and paid social media posts, it’s possible to create targeted tools to improve reporting within these platforms.

  1. Using a CRM Platform

CRM or Customer Relationship Management platform is software to harness all the available data. Through this program, the advisor can identify their client’s sales cycle and develop appealing messages to start their investment journey. There are plentiful CRM options out there. Some are user-friendly, while others are relatively complex. Use a CRM platform that not only turns prospective into customers but also nurtures investors who can potentially bring their assets to the advisor for management.

  1. Being Original

The best AUM reports start with data rather than marketing content. Ask questions that invite clients to contribute their insights and thoughts. This makes them feel a part of the report rather than strictly business. Make interaction an essential part of the report to build trust and bring originality.Here are a few key tips to improve AUM reporting. An AUM report with the relevant and current data is a valuable market analysis tool, using which the financial advisors and investors can build their strategy and act accordingly.

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