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Best Sexologist for Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Ejaculation is a process of releasing semen from the penis when men achieve orgasm while performing sexual intercourse. But when the ejaculation occurs sooner than expected, it is said to be premature ejaculation. ” Shigrapatan” or “early discharge” issues can be seen due to physical or psychological problems in males. Only by consulting the best sexologist in Delhi for pre-ejaculation and taking right treatment can help you get back your sexual wellness like before. 

The andrologist in Delhi is thorough in all aspects of sexual disorders and problems and can help you with your early ejaculation problem. Dr. Chirag Bhandari is one such name in the list of best sexologists in India who can diagnose your PE cause and provide a clever solution to control your erection. 

Before we understand what Premature Ejaculation treatments the sexologist in Delhi provides you, let us take a look at Premature Ejaculation and what causes PE in a body? 

What is Premature Ejaculation?

The word ejaculation means the release of semen from a body during orgasm. Premature Ejaculation happens when your body ejaculates within 1 minute or less than it, making it unpleasurable for your partner. 

According to research, 1 out of 3 men of the age group 18-59 encounter PE issues at some point in their life. 

Some people relate premature ejaculation as Erectile Dysfunction or a part of it, but it is necessary for you to know that PE is not similar to erectile dysfunction. ED involves the inability of a person to get or maintain erections while. 

Classification of Premature Ejaculation  

Early ejaculation is a problem that majorly revolves around the inability of a man to perform ejacualtion at the expected time. Generally, the classification of Premature Ejaculation is done based on time of release and how acute the problem is:

1. Lifelong (Primary) PE

When a person starts facing early ejaculation issues from the beginning of his physical relationship, then it comes in lifelong PE.

2. Acquired (Secondary) PE

A person faces early discharge problem after spending many years normally, then it comes under acquired ones.

Causes of Premature Ejaculation treated by the best sexologist

The two main components that cause PE are physical and psychological. But some other causes might also make you get ejaculated early. For instance, early sexual experience, too much excitement, and pressure can also contribute to the causes of early ejaculation. 

Here are the most common causes of PE: 

  • Bad sexual experience in the past 
  • Sexual abuse is done on the person 
  • Work-related stress or depression
  • Constant worrying about sexual issues 
  • And any past guilt that prevents you from performing well in bed. 

The sexologist in Delhi can read the causes and accordingly prescribe treatment. For severe cases he might suggest medicine or therapies, while for mild one he can suggest start stop technique, pelvic floor rehabilitation, change in diet, squeeze technique and other proven natural treatment for PE.

Biological factors affecting Ejaculation

Many biological factors can make a man suffer from pre-ejaculation issues, as ejaculation is a process that involves both body and mind. Here are some causes that result in PE issues:

  1. Unusual hormonal levels
  2. Fluctuation in levels of brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters.
  3. Inflammation in the prostate area
  4. Infection in the pelvic region 

Whatever is the cause of your PE problem, talking about the problem to your close ones or the sex doctor is the first thing to do. An expert will provide guidance to you and talk to your partner about it. By talking to both partners, it is possible to find an ideal solution to the PE problem. 

Consult Dr Chirag Bhandari- The Best Sexologist in Delhi to deal with Premature Ejaculation Issues?

Choosing the right treatment and the best sexologist in Delhi is as important as analyzing the early signs of PE. When it comes to sexual dysfunction treatment, you only want the best for your body, right?

And that is why Dr. Chirag Bhandari is the right choice as your ideal sexologist. Being the best sexologist in Delhi and one of the finest male reproductive health experts, Dr. Chirag is fully versed in treating any health condition. Moreover, Dr. Chirag is a very passionate and dedicated sexologist with remarkable experience in the andrology field. 

With a list of his training and fellowships that he took all across the world, he has learned all the latest technologies to treat premature ejaculation problems in men. He keenly listens to his patient’s issue and evaluates the real cause of the situation by providing specific tests and procedures. And after diagnosing the actual cause, he meticulously designs a treatment. He makes sure that the treatment covers all his medical needs to maximize success.   

There are certain medicine and devices available online that can help to hold up the ejaculation. Andrologist In India prefers to prescribe medicines like herb mix tablet, delay capsules, pelvic toner, which has least side effect and are natural treatment for premature ejaculation.


Any sexual disorder, if not treated on time, can not only affect physical health but also destroy mental health of men. Not getting the ejaculation on time can sometimes make the situation even worse. Only by staying alert for your sexual health and seeking guidance can you get over your sexual problems. And if you encounter PE, the best way to delay the ejaculation it is to consult the best sexologist in Delhi- Dr. Chirag Bhandari. 

Visit the website of IASH, India, to learn more about Chirag Bhandari or click here to book an online appointment.  

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