How Platte County Health Department Saved My Marriage

Platte County Health Department Saved My Marriage. When I was married to my wife of over 19 years, I didn’t always get the best of advice, but I did learn that when it comes to my marriage, I must be careful what I say, and listen very carefully.

Platte County Health Department is a government office that acts as a health program for the county

It’s the only one, so they’re the first ones to know what problems are occurring, which is an important part of any marriage. If you go to the health department for any reason, make sure you ask the questions they’re specifically designed to answer. If it’s not clear, then you need to go to your local county health department.

My husband and I had been in the midst of a rough patch when the health department called. It was pretty bad. My husband had a bad cough. I had a bad back. We had no idea what was wrong, and we were in the midst of trying to get our lives back together. I was scared because it looked like everything was going to be all over from here. It took us a while to get through the call. Because my husband was in no state to answer the questions.

Unfortunately, my husband wasn’t at all equipped to take a good look at the state of his health. Most doctors are very busy, and that isn’t always the case with all our doctors. In most places, a visit to the doctor can take an hour, and that’s after they’ve taken a physical exam. That means my husband wasn’t going to get a full look at his health.

As we made our way through our call;

we were all pretty excited to see what this woman had to say about our relationship. She was a single mom working as a nurse at the county health department. Also, She told us that she had been married to my husband for nine years since he was 17. She told us how her marriage had been a great relationship, especially since they had the kids that they did.

She went on to say that her husband had always been fun and happy. But they fought a lot, and he was a heavy drinker. She told us how he got into a lot of trouble and ended up in jail several times. She said that the worst thing that happened was when he got caught stealing cigarettes. He had told her he was going to go into the store and steal some, but he ended up doing it anyway.

I don’t think she meant to mention “smoking” in that sentence. But we’re not sure what she meant by that. She’s definitely still a heavy drinker. But she’s now a bit more thoughtful about that. That’s a pretty bold statement from someone that is still a heavy drinker.

I think she was probably talking about more than that

I like that she said she had a hard time letting him go. But he’s never been a bad guy, and that’s her to decide when to let go.

I think she meant to say it’s hard for her to let go. But he’s never been a bad guy, so she is still a friend that needs time. A friend that can be trusted, and someone who I can talk to and see my point of view. I think she meant to say it’s harder for her to let go than it is for him to let go.

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