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Paul Favret Talks About the Major Benefits of Using Energy Efficient Appliances at Home

Households are one of the major contributors to harmful greenhouse gases. This is largely due to the fact that home appliances consume a good amount of energy.

Hence, according to Paul Favret, it is time that homeowners take advantage of modern innovation and switch to energy efficient appliances at home. Doing so would allow them to reduce their electricity usage, carbon footprint, as well as energy bills.

Paul Favret briefly mentions the advantages of using energy efficient appliances

Greenhouse gases are the key causes of climate change and global warming. These gases are responsible for absorbing the infrared radiation that leads to the trapping of heating in the atmosphere. Consequently, warmth from the surface of the earth continues to increase. The burning of fossil fuels, which are used to create electricity, contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. Fossil fuel combustion releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Along with other greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide acts as an insulating layer that allows solar radiation to go in, but prevents it from reflecting out into the surface of the earth. Climate change takes place as solar radiation heat gets trapped to the surface of the Earth. Hence, the use of energy efficient appliances in homes would help save energy, which will invariably reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Like it takes each drop to make an ocean, every contribution towards energy conservation matters, no matter how big or small it is. While it is not easy to radically reduce electricity usage or instantly shift to renewable energy sources, the use of energy efficient appliances can surely be a start.

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Electricity rates in most countries are increasing every year. The growing demand for electricity from both households and businesses are important cause for this increase. By choosing to save electricity at home, people can save on their electricity bills. Replacing old incandescent light bulbs can be a good way to reduce energy consumption at homes. Switching these light bulbs for more energy efficient, LED variants can actually help homeowners to save more than half of their current electricity bills. Today there are energy efficient variants of several appliances available, including washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, and more. Using such items can improve the overall quality of life of a family as well. Many of them are packed with innovative features that allow them to deliver improved outcomes.

Paul Favret particularly underlines the fact that with the use of energy efficient appliances, families can reduce their carbon footprint to a good extent. Carbon footprint implies to the number of carbon compounds such as carbon dioxide emitted due to the consumption of fossil fuels from a business or home. Such carbon compounds may play a role in trapping the sun’s heat from the Earth’s atmosphere, which is a key cause of climate change. By switching their typical home appliances with energy efficient one, homeowners can proactively reduce their overall carbon footprint, and contribute to the benefit of the environment.

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