Kareri Lake Trek – Tales of the Hidden Trails


Reach the ideal elliptical glacial Kareri lake by hiking through the magnificent landscapes of forests, grasslands, streams, and lakes. 

Take advantage of Kareri Lake, a freshwater lake surrounded by rich subtropical forests, alpine grasslands, and steep mountains, to enjoy the abundance of nature. 

Trek through the unusual Kareri Lake with a knowledgeable and amiable guide, taking the road less taken. 

Trek through chirr and chilgoza pine forests to an elevation of 9,650 feet. 

Away from the busy metropolis, you can appreciate the simplicity of life while sleeping under the stars and hearing the local villagers’ tales. 


You pass through lovely subtropical pine forests on the Kareri Lake walk. Broad-leaf species are scattered among the chir and chilgoza pines that dominate the woodlands. Additionally, they provide a haven for the easily observable, high-density birds (given the low canopies). 

The lake-fed Nyund nallah acts as a guide and a cooling companion when the woodland opens up to stony grasslands along the trail’s later half. Pines and bushes are scattered throughout the woods. The lake is glacial and lies just above the snow level. All of these factors work together to make the change in flora types with elevation on this trail plainly noticeable. 

Kareri Lake walk is a beautiful weekend excursion for individuals looking for options away from the more worn Himachal trails like Kheerganga, Prashar lake, Triund, etc. This is a tremendous beginner-level DIY trail for trekkers because it has numerous campsites and accessible food alternatives. 

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Kareri Lake Trek Height is 9,650 ft., and the temperature remains from 8°C to 20°C. The total distance of Kareri Lake Trek is 26 km, Starting Point is Dharamkot, and Ending Point is Mcleodganj (to and from). 


By air:  

Kangra Airport, located 17 km from Dharamkot, is the closest airport. From the airports in Chandigarh and New Delhi, you can connect to this location. 

By Train:  

Kangra, 27 km from Dharamkot, has the closest railroad station. A narrow-gauge line connects it to Pathankot Railway Station. 

By Road: 

Dharamkot is only 4 km from Mcleodganj, which is reached by overnight buses from New Delhi. Additionally, buses are available from Shimla, Manali, Dehradun, Chandigarh, and Pathankot to Mcleodganj. 


DAY 1 

When you go to the agreed-upon meeting location in Kaneri, a representative will welcome you and give you a brief rundown of the entire tour. Start the trip to the nearby Kaneri Village after getting to know your tour guide and other travelers. After arriving in Dharamkot and assembling the rest of the group, trek towards the Kareri Village. Learn more about the people that live in Kareri Village’s Gaddi Tribe. Spend the night in a homestay or a tent in Kareri Village. 

DAY 2 

After eating a substantial breakfast, set off early. 

You will travel from Kareri Village to Reoti Base Camp, where you will begin the hike to the lake. Walk to the lake from Reoti depends on the weather because on a rainy day, the terrain is too slick and hazardous for trekking. As you walk alongside the Kareri Nullah Stream and several bridges, the trail initially passes through level terrain before ascending steeply. As you gaze at the flawless elliptical glacial lake surrounded by subtropical woods and alpine grasslands, let yourself be taken in by the natural beauty. Climb the hills with a temple on top. You can take a break for a while for a better view of the lake. Start your trip back to Reoti Base Camp after a time so you may enjoy a campfire. Spend the night at Reoti Base Camp. 

DAY 3 

Start your descent into Mcleodganj after breakfast at the Base Camp. 

Arrive in Mcleodganj to mark the end of the excursion and collect plenty of lifelong memories. 


Carry Warm Clothes for the Kareri Lake Trek Caps 

Paper towels & wipes 

carry-on bag (50-60l) 

bottle of water 

Hiking boots 


May through July and September through November are ideal for Kareri Lake Trekking because the temperature is still relatively pleasant. From May through October, the temperature could drop as low as 8 °C (July & August might face rain) 


If you are looking for an adventurous trek with moderate difficulty, then Kareri Lake Trek is perfect for you, and it will also give you serene imagery and peace. You have all the essential information about the place and trek, so what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get set and go. 

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