Initial Game Offering (IGO): The Future of the Cryptocurrency Market

Initial Game Offering (IGO) is predicted to become the next big thing in the cryptocurrency industry. The crypto world is familiar with a number of fundraising ideas, such as ICO, IPO, STO, and ILO, which has just joined the market. However, this IGO is unique since it was developed specifically for gaming platforms that support Non Fungible Tokens.

IGO (Initial Game Offering) – what is it?

As previously mentioned, an IGO is a tool used by blockchain game creators to raise money for an early-stage game. Prior to the public auction, early investors are rewarded with priceless in-game items and tokens at a large discount.

IGOs do vary from ICOs in this regard. They mostly concentrate on the video game sector. By offering their game ideas through an IGO, developers may directly ask their audience for funding. The blockchain gaming sector has consequently experienced tremendous growth as a result of the increased popularity of this form of launchpad.

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What are IGO launchpads and how do they operate?

IGO launchpads connect investors and creative fundraising concepts. Early-stage blockchain gaming ventures can raise money on an IGO launchpad. The native token of an IGO launchpad is bought by investors, who then use it to pay contributions to the IGOs of their choice.

To invest in the project, users must either stake their tokens or lock them in a pool. It hinges on the Launchpad platform, though. After then, the players receive NFTs, which they must utilize to play the game. Some of the top IGO launchpads are GameFi, Seedify Fund, TrustPad, and BinanceNFT.

Things to take into account when participating in IGO

IGO appears to be a wise investment, however the following are the things one should think about before taking part in the IGO

Check out the native token’s holder perks, and don’t forget to compare them to those of other IGOs.

Check the IGO launch pad for the guaranteed allocation; if the IGO involves a lottery process, the guaranteed allocation is uncertain.

Consider the IGO’s history as well as its successful projects and returns on investment

Before entering, determine the holder value, which is directly proportionate to the token value.

Learn how many token creation occurrences there were overall for the project.

Launch of IGO by Binance NFT

The well-known leader in the cryptocurrency market, Binance, has revealed that they are about to launch its own Initial Gaming Offering, which is thought to be the biggest NFT asset trading platform for gamers. IGO can only be purchased through the Binance NFT Marketplace, a platform created specifically for in-game items like characters, weapons, lands, etc. The products are made available through flat sales, mystery boxes, and auctions. IGOs take place in a number of rounds.

Construction of the IGO launchpad

IGO launchpads may be set up by individuals to develop their own crypto game financing platforms. Even though the IGO platforms are more recognized, whitelisting a game might take some time.

Making their own IGO launchpad is the most economical option for game developers to decide which blockchain games they want to earn money for.

This method might assist a game developer in building an IGO platform that is comparable to Binance NFT, TrustSwap, or EnjinStarter. The IGO launchpad’s building intends to provide an open network where blockchain games may earn money.

How will IGO change the video game industry?

The gaming industry is already flourishing; well-known NFT games like Axie Infinity earned nearly 1.1 billion USD this year, and day by day, more people join the gaming platforms. This means that the time is right for initial game offerings, which inspires many developers and creators to bring their ideas to life.

The expansion of IGO at this moment will lengthen the gaming industry even further and eventually add liquidity to the entire ecosystem.

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