The Death of Formula 3 Fitness

Formula 3 Fitness (or as it was called before the name was changed due to legal concerns) was touted as the world’s most efficient form of fitness. But the company that created it was actually pretty shitty at managing itself. The company was purchased by a competitor, and the original founder was killed in a car crash. This led to people thinking they could be fitter. And it’s fair to say that the sport of Formula 3 ended up dying a slow death.

In a good way, Formula 3 was created as a way to get people to actually be fit for what they were doing. But, like most other things, the sport of Formula 3 died because it became something that people became obsessed with. I would argue that this is why the sport never really got started in the first place. Because everyone was obsessed with it and the sport became something that people were afraid to admit their true selves.

I’m not sure I understand how something like formula 3 could have died

It’s not like the sport was getting too popular because of something weird like fat people or something. In the end, the sport died because it became popular as a lifestyle. Everyone was taking the sport seriously and everyone wanted to be like the guys in the back of the cars. Who got paid a little extra for hitting the target. But, that lifestyle is something that is impossible to maintain for the majority of people.

The formula 3 fitness line wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. But it was a very niche sport, and the people who made it were not necessarily the people who took the sport seriously. I think the most successful formula 3 fitness line was the one that was made by the late, great Mark Davis. It was the ’90s, and the kids in the back of the cars that had hit the target weren’t driving Formula 3 cars. They were riding in the back of the cars.

The formula 3 fitness line was an American thing

It was started by the late, great Mark Davis, and it was started by people. Who was not necessarily the most serious about fitness? It ended up being not actually that bad, but it was very very niche. And the people who made it were not the people that took it seriously. In my opinion, there was no one else on the planet that was going to be able to keep up with the Joneses.

Formula three is a sport where you get to ride in a car and try to beat the other drivers in speed and endurance. It was started by a guy named Mark Davis. A guy who had been involved in a car accident. And then he spent over ten years with his company running a fitness company. That had a car and a few fitness devices in it and then a few other things. So he was quite the athlete, and he was quite the fitness fanatic.

In 1997 Formula three was the first competitive automotive event to not require a car, and Mark Davis was the first person to attempt to run a race in a car without one.

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