Finding the Best Dog Boarding in Bangkok

Finding the Best Dog Boarding in Bangkok

If you’re in need of dog boarding in Bangkok, there are several facilities that can accommodate your pup. These facilities include Unleashed, Paradise 4 Paws, and Pet Hotel Bangkok. However, before deciding on a specific facility, you should first check out a few facilities in person. Here are the main things to look for when choosing a dog boarding facility: cleanliness, hygiene, staff knowledge, and emergency vet on call. You should also check if your pet is fully vaccinated.


Unleashed Bangkok is a cage-free dog boarding and daycare facility with an extensive dog park and swimming pool. It is run by Englishwoman Gemma Booth, and focuses on letting dogs be dogs. Unlike typical kennels, Unleashed Bangkok offers cage-free rooms with filtered air and access to water. Pets are also taken outside for toilet breaks and exercise breaks.

Unleashed BKK

For dog lovers in Bangkok, Unleashed BKK dog boarding and daycare is an excellent choice. Its facility is completely cage-free and all dogs are socialised with other dogs. Unleashed BKK is located in the Thonglor Pet City, just next to Thonglor Pet Hospital’s Rama IX branch.

Paradise 4 Paws

Paradise 4 Paws offers dog boarding in luxurious suites. The facility also features a play area and webcams. Deluxe suites are furnished with comfortable bedding. The resort also provides daily tuck-in services.

Pet Hotel Bangkok

Dog owners looking for dog boarding in Bangkok can choose from a variety of places. One option is Gemma’s Dogs, a boarding facility that focuses on quality care. The establishment has English-speaking staff and offers 24/7 monitoring. In addition, the dog-friendly facility has a comfortable bed for each pet. The pet-friendly establishment emphasizes quality over quantity, accepting only a small number of dogs at a time, and only up to 12 dogs per day during busy periods.

Farm boarding

If you’re looking for a pet boarding facility in Bangkok, you can look no further. The city has many pet boarding facilities for dogs and cats, and the city’s animal hospitals are excellent resources. Many dog kennels are located inside animal hospitals, so you can be sure that your pet’s well-being will be in good hands. You should also make sure that your pet is fully vaccinated, as this will ensure your pet’s safety and wellbeing while they’re in the care of a kennel.

House boarding

If you are traveling to Bangkok, house boarding for dogs is an option that is very beneficial for both you and your pet. While it may seem overwhelming at first, boarding your pet in a house is much more affordable than you might think. Moreover, it offers several advantages that will make your pet feel comfortable and secure.

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