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First Sunday at St. Lawrence Catholic School in North Miami Beach, Florida.  Masks are recommended for Catholic primary schools in Miami.
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Fighting over school masks has already exacerbated the political stalemate – federal officials say they have launched an investigation into five states, including Governor Ron Dantantis Fradom. Banning ordering masks.

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights said Monday that discrimination in the education of students in Iowa, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and Utah could limit access to federal law.

In a letter to state leaders, the Assistant Secretary of State for Civil Rights said: There is a higher risk of serious illness than CV-19.

Fighting intensified in Florida on Monday, where students threatened to fine the school board for wearing masks.

Florida is experiencing the worst cholera epidemic in the country – an average of more than 16,000 people are hospitalized each day in the past seven days.

State Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran said in a statement that he was “fighting” for the protection of parental health care decisions. “They know what is best for their children,” he wrote.

The punishment applies to two school districts that have a masked obligation in defiance of the regime’s order – Alachuwa County and Broward County. In response to funding restrictions, Broward County interim superintendent Vick El Carter said in a statement: “The health and well-being of our students, faculty and staff continue to be a priority. As a result, BCPS continues to order masks.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Investigations at the federal level follow a promise by government and other policymakers to use government muscle-civil rights investigations and legal action to intervene in states that oppose masked officials in public schools.

Miguel A. Cardona, Biden’s education secretary, said the restrictions were disturbed, especially in the Delta. He said he had heard of discouraged parents who were afraid to send their ill-treated children to school without full masks.

In South Carolina, one of the targets of the federal investigation, the office of Governor Henry McMaster, responded by saying, “The Binden administration is trying to force another radical liberal agenda on states and their opponents.”

But there, like Florida, there are deep divisions in the state – not just between the state and the federal government. The South Carolina Department of Education has repeatedly asked the state superintendent to reconsider his recent decision to impose a masked lawsuit in court.

At the center of Auckland, New Zealand's largest city, it stays at least two weeks under the strictest Kovi restrictions.
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New Zealand police are setting up checkpoints south of Auckland, the country’s largest city, to prevent people from moving illegally between regions with different virus limits.

“Checkpoints on the outskirts of Auckland will stop vehicles and drivers will be questioned,” said Andrew Koster, the country’s police commissioner.

New Zealand has been under tight national lock since August 17 after a highly contagious Delta variant was identified in the community. Since then, the country has reported more than 600 cases, with 33 hospitalizations. As of Wednesday, much of New Zealand will be moved to a lower-level 3 lock, while Auckland will remain under a more severe two-week ban.

Border crossings are allowed only in very limited circumstances, including transportation, vaccination against CV-19, or caring for a sick person.

The locks are another example of the challenges faced by countries following the “Covi Zero” approach to eradicating the virus from their territories and then continuing with narrow border laws. New Zealand has already made a commitment to that plan, and its success has allowed residents to live without restrictions for most epidemics. In all, the country reported fewer than 3,500 cases and only 26 deaths.

In the north of Auckland, the Maori tribes are in consultation with the police over the construction of community roadblocks to prevent the Aucklanders from traveling to Northland after easing restrictions this weekend.

Thai Tokera, a community-run border patrol that uses the region’s Maori name, conducted checkpoints with police during the lockout last year. The Delta is a more contagious nature, and the group has not given up on current restrictions, police said.

We are being forced into this situation because of our own filtering Mari“And the elders, they are very concerned,” said Robben Typari, the group’s coordinator, to New Zealand’s Stuff News about the group’s desire to manage their own roadblocks. They are asking us to stop.

Nurse at New Orleans Children's Hospital last week.  She worked as a ventilator for a 2-month-old infant with shortness of breath due to complications of VV-19.
Credit …Erin Shaff / The New York Times

After Hurricane Louisiana struck on Sunday, hospitals along the storm were assessing building damage, strengthening hurricane-related damage, and deciding how to continue caring for the CV-19 this week, forcing everyone to work on generators for at least several days.

“Our hospital has the capacity,” said Ryan Cross, a spokesman for the Lake Regional Medical Center, which specializes in treating about 150 coronavirus patients as well as hurricane victims. But we are very blessed that he did not cause the storm.

The increase in the number of covand cases due to Delta’s alternatives and low vaccines did not improve the chances of more than 2,400 people being hospitalized on Sunday for the number of hospitals across the country.

After a partial generator failure in the Thibodaux Regional Health System in Laforche Parish, staff pushed the air in and out to keep them breathing as they moved to another floor of the hospital, the Louisiana Department of Health said.

Oxygen supplies were also declining in many hospitals, some with only one or two days to Monday.

Oshner Health, which operates Louisiana’s largest hospital network, on Monday evacuated 165 patients from three hospitals where roofs were damaged and water leaked. They said Warner Thomas, President and CEO of the Hospitals

“We have 10 days on the ground,” he said, referring to hospital generators. “More fuel is on the way. Water is on the way. ”

Dr. Joseph CanterA senior health official in Louisiana said Monday that large hospitals had suffered minor injuries and that some small hospitals had been “severely damaged” and were leaving on Monday.

“Hospitals are overcrowded over the next few days,” said Dr. Canter They said On Twitter. If possible, stay away ”

Governor John Bell Edwards said on Sunday that many residents who did not leave the hospital included cholera patients.

“Expelling these large hospitals is not an option because there are no other hospitals that can afford them,” he said.

And although the cleaning and maintenance lasted for weeks and months, as the state struggled to restore power and water, the situation could have worsened. Karen Collins, the hospital’s chief executive officer, said: Thanks to their efforts, all of our patients have survived this event.

Amanda Morris And Julia Heward Contributed.

Peloton teachers' gymnasiums, such as Jes King and Sophia Urista, were in demand during the closure of the coronavirus.
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Who can win and win when companies can hire from anywhere?

Some workers and freelancers who can work remotely have more opportunities and higher wages, but in general remote workers are more competitive.

One thing that seems inevitable, as research suggests, is inequality.

A.D. In 1981, “Star Economics” described the impact of recording and distribution on the income of athletes and celebrities. Just as technology allows talented individuals to reach huge markets, fewer stars won more prizes.

Eventually the paper was posted, and many other professions followed the same pattern. For example, the teacher’s income was usually limited by the number of students who could attend a class.

But today at Udimi, an online learning platform, teachers like Chris Haron have won millions of courses, especially after raising the Covy-19 lock enrollment. Most teachers at Udimi, however, do not contribute to Mr. Harun’s income.

Significant changes in income distribution can also be seen in forums where distance learning is similar to traditional education. At Outschool, hundreds of teachers earn more than $ 100,000 a year, and more than a dozen more than $ 230,000. Most out-of-school teachers receive very little.

Remote work is also hurting more cultural institutions. Scott Gallowy, a professor at New York Stern Business School, said: The other market professors have 120 seats to fight.

Similar variability is observed in professions that are considered “physical” in nature. During the locks, most fitness instructors were out of work. But a handful was growing. A.D. By the end of 2020, Peloton had about four million members – the same number of gym fans in New York State.

The members of the company have served as dozens of teachers who can live wherever they want. While most fitness instructors are never able to work, some Peloton teachers earn more than $ 500,000.

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