Can you see your followers on reddit ?

If someone asks what a social network is, you answer by mentioning some social networking sites. However, it is much more than that, and if you think that social networks are limited to making new friends and relationships, you are wrong, because the spectrum is much wider. You can get a lot of information and show your knowledge. One website that focuses on increasing knowledge is Reddit.

Reddit is not like other forums, it is dedicated to news, information, education, etc. If you have links to articles that you want to share with the entire reddit community, you can simply post the link. When you post a link, you can discuss the topic with other reddit members.

Reddit is an open forum where you can talk about the article, write your positive and negative comments. So you can talk about your thoughts and ideas on reddit.

With organic reddit  followers, you get an extra feature called karma. Karma is the kind of reward you get from other Reddit users when your article is really good. Earning karma is not easy, here you need to get more than 100 votes in one day to get the reward. But if you’re lucky, your article has a chance to make it to the front page.

Reddit is very easy to access and use, and you get a lot of options to make your work easier. To see the best articles and the most votes, go to the “recommendation” option and check the list.

On Reddit, you can comment on posts that are still on the page. If you don’t like the ad, comment on the “Change this ad” option and the following action will be taken.

Also on reditt you get an option called “stats page” where you can see a list of people who are called master karma.

If you want to post your articles on Reddit, you need to talk about yourself. You can easily create your message using your email address. If you have a message of your own, you can send a message from yourself. If you want to vote for others, you will see an arrow option, press the “up” arrow for upvoting and the “down” arrow for downvoting. For each positive vote, the author of the article receives one point, for each negative vote, the author of the article receives one negative point. Celebrating and spreading knowledge is what social media is all about, the main purpose of reddit. Visit how to implement a social media marketing strategy.

Maybe a blogger sent you an interview that the world would love to read, or maybe you’ve created great articles for your website. Here are some ideas you can try to increase your link to achieve the wide distribution you want.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the obvious, so I’ll be clear: start with your social media. Share the link on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, or any other networking site you use to connect with family, friends, or colleagues. If the link points to something not posted on your site (for example, a guest post or an article you wrote for another site), you should report it on your blog.

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